What is the greatest technology achievement of the last 125 years?


While this anniversary celebration is about the technologies of the future, we want to acknowledge the greatest achievements of the last 125 years. What do you think was the greatest world changing technology achievements introduced in the last 125 years?
CommentTimeSep 5th 2008 01:28 PM EDT

There are many that could be mentioned, but I would choose the transistor. Both for the idea itself, and for the miriad of new inventions that it spun, ranging from radio to power electronics, from computers and the internet to automation and control.
CommentTimeSep 6th 2008 11:32 AM EDT edited

Too many achievements had taken a place in the last 125 years, but using silicon as a semiconductor material is the greatest technology achievement. This fired up the electronics revolution, such as transistors, solar cells, integrated circuits, microprocessors, semiconductor detectors and other semiconductor devices.
CommentTimeMay 13th 2009 12:33 PM EDT

for me i think it is the invention of Ipod and blackberry wireless and music system.